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It’s unclear exactly why blunts became so popular in the Caribbean, but there are theories. One theory suggests blunts became popular out of necessity because pipes, bongs, and rolling papers weren’t readily available. Another suggests Jamaicans liked cigar wrappers better because it helped to disguise the smell of weed. One final theory suggests smoking blunts let people smoke more weed at once, which… if you’ve ever smoked a blunt alone or with just a few people, you know that’s true.

People all across the Caribbean start smoking weed and getting creative in how they do it. They often use dried tobacco or hemp leaves instead of pipes or bongs to smoke it. 

In the mid-’80s, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Jamaicans and other immigrants from the Caribbean make their way to New York City. Around that time, the first modern blunt is rolled and smoked. It’s unclear who rolled it, whose idea it was, or whose weed it was. It’s also hard to trace the growth of blunt-smoking from that point on, but it catches on and makes its way into rap culture.


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Illinois Weed Sales On Pace To Top $1 Billion In 2020

Author: Tom Schuba  Date: Dec. 7, 2020

The prediction came as the state announced another $75 million in recreational sales took place in November, similar to the record haul in October. November sales of recreational weed surpassed $75 million for a second straight month, and one researcher believes total sales of legal marijuana — including medical cannabis — could surpass $1 billion by the time 2020 is over.

NBA players won't be tested for marijuana next year as league weighs permanent change

Author: Gina Coleman  Date: Dec, 5, 2020

The NBA is extending its policy of not randomly drug testing players for marijuana for the 2020-2021 season amid the coronavirus pandemic. And insiders suspect that the relaxed cannabis rules will continue indefinitely. Marijuana testing was first suspended earlier this year as players finished out their season in the so-called “bubble” arena in Orlando. But as first reported by freelance journalist Ben Dowsett on Thursday, the league and the players’ union have agreed to maintain that policy, at least for the next season.

Cannabis Got A Big Win In Congress, But Legal Weed Isn’t Around The Corner​

Author: Alicia Wallace  Date: Dec. 4, 2020

Cannabis just had a victory in Congress. But the industry and its supporters may not want to get too excited just yet. The US House of Representatives on Friday passed a bill to end the federal prohibition on cannabis. But the historic vote on the landmark legislation – which if put into law would be momentous for the emerging multibillion-dollar cannabis industry and broader social justice movements – ultimately is largely symbolic.


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